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Home inspection Process

Inspection request by buyer


When you call to request a home inspection,  is recommended to have a little bit of   information ready for the inspector.

  1. Subject property address
  2. Year built
  3. One story, two story home
  4. Type of foundation
  5. Buyer's Agent information (name, phone number and email address)
  6. Buyer's phone number and E-mail address
  7. Method of payment (no money orders accepted)

Getting an inspection quote


Almana Home Inspections will give you a quote based on the information previously provided  about the size and characteristics of the home. it is important  to  provide as much information as possible for a more accurate quote.

Also when requesting a quote, it's important to mention whether you are a veteran or a senior citizen for the special discount  of 10% off of the standard inspection fee.

Pre-Inspection agreement


A home inspection appointment is not complete or confirmed until the pre-inspection agreement is completed.

The pre-inspection agreement will layout what the inspection encompasses and the scope of service; (the scope of services agreement is the foundation of a services contract, It also defines the services or tasks and the conditions for payment.

The pre-inspection agreement will also contained the date for the inspection, the amount (fee) agreed and signature field for the buyer/client hiring the inspector.

  NOTE: this pre-inspection agreement is for clients/buyers, not for Realtors.

The appointment


The home inspection appointment is confirmed when the pre-inspection agreement has been signed by buyer/client.

The inspector will check with listing agent to make sure the utilities will be turned on for the inspector to check all systems and components are functioning properly. 

Almana home Inspections is registered with CSS (centralized showing services) and is affiliated with SABOR (San Antonio Board Of Realtors) what this means, the inspector will be granted access  to the subject property for the inspection.

The inspector will arrange the appointment for the day and time the buyer/client requested the inspection.

The inspection


The inspector will need 2 to 3 hours to complete the inspection. it is recommended for the buyer/client to meet with the inspector at some point during the inspection for to reasons;

Should buyer/client have any specific concerns with house, this will be the best time to ask the inspector any question or concern.

This is also a good time for the inspector to collect the inspection fee.

The inspection report (an electronic report with pictures and descriptions)  will be sent via email to buyer and buyer's agent the same day (if inspection is in the morning)  or at the latest the following day. (Note: Texas require the inspector to deliver the report no later than 3 days from the day of inspection)



The inspector inspected the property and found some problems. After repairs have been made you may want the inspector to return for a re-inspection.

It's not uncommon, depending on the repairs that were being performed. Sometimes it's not necessary as the repairs can clearly be judged by the buyer and their agent as either being satisfactory or not, but sometimes buyers prefer (and/or would be better off) having an inspector verify that they were done correctly.

Should client request a re-inspection, a separate fee will be collected at the time of re-inspection appointment. Realtor will arrange again the re-inspection appointment and we will meet with the inspector for the re-inspection to waive the fee.

See a copy of the pre-inspection agreement below