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High level of service every time.

It's important to get an inspection on the home you want to buy, but it's more important to get a better home inspection service.

Every home is different; thus, every home inspection is different, what should not change is the quality of service you must get when hiring an inspector.


Everybody is different; some will have 1 or 2 questions about the home, other will be full of questions, whatever the case you should get the same level of service every time.

You are hiring an inspector because you have placed your trust on his expertise, but not only that, you want an inspector that works for you and that looks out for you. 

Why hiring an inspector that will not be answering your questions? 


Our Home Inspections are complete and thorough, covering the home and all major systems from the rooftop to the foundation. 

A typical home inspection will take about two to three hours.

We prefer that you attend the inspection if possible, so you can hear and see our findings on-site--but it is not absolutely necessary. The detailed report, with reference photos, is delivered the same day by email. 

Call us when you need the following services: 

  • Seller’s pre-listing inspection
  • Buyer's pre-purchase existing home inspection
  • Buyer's Brand New home purchase inspection 
  •  Investment property inspection


Satisfaction Guaranteed



How can you make sure you get a home inspection that you are satisfied with?

The answer is simple;

Meet with the inspector at the time of inspection.

Being at the inspection not only you get to meet the inspector, but you can make sure that all your questions will be answered in a way you can be completely satisfied.

Don't settle for less.

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Consumer Information


All inspections performed on 1 – 4 family homes in Texas are regulated by Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) guidelines. 

Not everything is covered in a inspection, everything that is required can be found in the "Standards of Practice" for an inspector.

Texas Real Estate Commission Consumer Protection Notice (pdf)


Texas Real Estate Commission Inspection Report REI 7-5 (pdf)


Texas Real Estate Consumer Notice Concerning Hazards or Deficiencies OP-I (pdf)


Pre-inspection agreement - Copy (pdf)